The QUANTiNO – Stunning Urban Sports Car with Environmental Awareness

The QUANTiNO is the latest scion of nanoFlowcell AG, pairing contemporary luxury and eco-power to create a new vision of electromobility.

Dizzying acceleration, extreme top speed and substantial displacement have long been the attributes that define luxury cars. What remains of that? The new luxury in the automotive world is defined by environmentally compatible technologies and a mindset of sustainability - without having to compromise performance or sacrifice comfort.

The QUANTiNO offers what people expect from a next-generation electric vehicle: uncompromising environmentally friendly technology packaged in an innovative design, plenty of driving fun thanks to the unparalleled "electro-feel" as well as quiet and powerful acceleration - and all of this up to a top speed of 200 km/h when needs be.

HIGHEST performance with LOW voltage

The QUANTiNO is currently the world's most advanced "environment car". The low-voltage system in the QUANTiNO is the ideal enhancement to nanoFlowcell®. The low-voltage system offers not only greater functional safety, but the combination means the QUANTiNO also achieves significantly higher energy efficiency.

With its drive combination of a low-voltage system and nanoFlowcell®, the QUANTiNO can cover stretches of more than 1,000 kilometres on just one tank. It leaves most current electric vehicles standing just a third of the way along the route. With 159 litres per electrolyte tank, the QUANTiNO could drive from Berlin to Rome without stopping to refuel. Or to put it another way, the statistically average driver can cover his daily mileage for six weeks without having to fill up. This pairs with an electrolyte price per driven kilometre well below that of fossil fuels or hydrogen.

The electric motor with an output of 80 kW convert the energy provided by the nanoFlowcell® unit via supercaps into sporty performance. The maximum torque of 200 Nm is available from the very first turn of the motor and supplies the QUANTiNO with forceful and linear pulling power and, if required, acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in less than five seconds. Plus, a car driven by nanoFlowcell® is as easy and comfortable to drive as a modern car with an internal combustion engine.

nanoFlowcell® - the all-rounder

Der QUANTiNO powered by nanoFlowcell® marks a new era in electromobility. A low-voltage electric vehicle with a unique combination of environmental compatibility, safety, comfort and driving fun.

The nanoFlowcell® is a proprietary technology of nanoFlowcell AG based on flow cell technology, an electrochemical energy converter and storage system that, in contrast to batteries, draws electrical energy from the chemical reaction of two electrolyte liquids. As long as these two electrolyte liquids are brought together, the nanonFlowcell® continues to produce electricity. It is the vehicle's power plant, providing the e-motor with electricity via buffer storage (supercaps). nanoFlowcell® runs at twice the energy efficiency of the most efficient petrol engine. The QUANTiNO is refuelled at a fuel station in a manner similar to a regular petrol-driven car.

Flow design

Visually, the QUANTiNO sets itself well apart from the masses. With its distinctive flow silhouette and a flowing design language, the QUANTiNO clearly expresses the unique nature of the flow cell technology and its very own nanoFlowcell® drive. The deep draw of the sideline reflects the energy flow of the nanoFlowcell® - a cell divided by a membrane through which two electrolyte liquids react with one another.

The distinctive, low-slung front bumper lends the QUANTiNO a visually powerful look and clearly indicates that the QUANTiNO is anything but faint hearted. The 20-inch wheels, which are unusually large for this vehicle class, set the QUANTiNO visually apart from the norm and underscore its special status as the electric vehicle of a future generation.

A very different kind of electromobility

Electric cars were previously something more for technology fans than design enthusiasts. They were also not necessarily among the fastest cars and tended to be somewhat dull to drive. That all changes now. The QUANTiNO offers precisely the values expected from a next-generation electric car: an innovative bodyshell design, plenty of performance and extremely smooth running, paired with a convenient range upwards of 1,000 kilometres. The QUANTiNO's nanoFlowcell® drive makes all this possible.