Nunzio La Vecchia on His Motivation and the Origins of the QUANTiNO

The issues of environmentally friendly energy and sustainable mobility have been in the media and thus in the public consciousness for many years. nanoFlowcell AG has presented its vision of a sustainable and zero-emissions future - nanoFlowcell®. nanoFlowcell AG believes that nanoFlowcell® technology, based on flow batteries, will play a key role in the sustainable auto-mobility of our society and in the environmentally friendly and sustainable energy transition. Since it was founded in 2013, nanoFlowcell AG has concentrated on the research and development of this innovative technology and is the pioneer in the technical adaptation of flow cell technology for mobile application in vehicles.

The principle of flow cell technology is not new. Nevertheless, the technology has not been seriously considered as a drive technology for electric vehicles due to its previously inadequate technical potential. This all changes with the introduction of nanoFlowcell®.

As the Chief Technology Officer of nanoFlowcell AG, I am proud of what has been achieved. Our research and development team has shown courage by forging new ways in the research of flow cell technology that leading scientists dismissed just a few years ago as dead ends. We have proven ourselves in the face of all doubters and developed a technology that will change the world. With the QUANTiNO powered by nanoFlowcell®, we have created a unique electric vehicle that demonstrates the opportunities of sustainable and completely zero-emissions, nanoFlowcell®-based mobility.

The QUANTiNO offers not only fascinating technology and excellent environmental compatibility; it also knows how to thrill with its futuristic design and excellent driving fun. The QUANTiNO embodies the aesthetic of a new electromobility - a vehicle for everyday use that's environmentally friendly, has long range and is unbelievably quiet. It wants to be seen and to show that this is how things are done these days!

Like all QUANT models, the QUANTiNO is also a technology showcase for nanoFlowcell® and more of a mobile test lab than a production vehicle. The QUANTiNO - alongside the QUANT FE - is also an excellent product ambassador that impressively demonstrates what makes nanoFlowcell® technology so unique: environmentally friendly and sustainable in operation, neither flammable nor explosive, and completely harmless to health as well as fully recyclable.

“The nanoFlowcell®-driven QUANTiNO is probably the greatest innovation since the automobile was invented.” Nunzio La Vecchia, CTO nanoFlowcell AG

QUANTiNO is currently the most innovative vehicle on our roads. It is registered for road use, but there is only one of them. Our interest lies in broad dissemination of this technology, so that we can achieve tangible changes in the near future that will impact the environment. We will seek partners who share our vision of a greener environment and a better future and are helping to shape it; partners who, like us, will do everything within their power to make sure nanoFlowcell® establishes itself within the market.

In contrast to conventional electric and fuel cell vehicles, nanoFlowcell® vehicles do not require a complex refuelling infrastructure. The electrolyte liquids involved are non-toxic, neither flammable nor explosive and inexpensive to produce. Similarly to a conventional car, they are refuelled via a hose-and-nozzle system. We want to make electromobility as easy as possible.

For nanoFlowcell® to establish itself, there is no need for decades of infrastructure planning or tedious and onerous bureaucratic processes, just the courage and the will to make our future that little bit better.