QUANT 48VOLT – Autumn Test

Autumn can be beautiful, but it also makes us painfully aware of how short-lived things are. Two generations from now, who will still remember multiple injector nozzles, 9-speed gearboxes, turbochargers or other achievements of modern automotive technology? The future belongs to the electric car. No matter how modern the cars on the road may seem as the QUANT 48VOLT pulls past them, their time is over.

The QUANT 48VOLT is forging ahead. The four system motors, each with an output of 140 kW, build up their electric power directly and with virtually no delay. This week, the nanoFlowcell development team has been testing an alternative set-up of the low-voltage electric motors paired with the flow cell.

The autumn sun follows the QUANT 48VOLT on its test run along winding country roads alternating with heavy motorway traffic around Zürich. The QUANT 48VOLT also cuts a fine figure in the city's stop-and-go traffic. Its extrovert bodyshell draws attention from passers-by, but the QUANT 48VOLT remains unpretentious and refined. The absence of oversized end pipes hints at the e-mobile character of this all-wheel-drive exotic. It has no roaring combustion-engine bravado, but is perfectly equipped to impress with breathtaking electric acceleration.

Despite its uniquely distinctive appearance, the most important innovations are hidden inside the vehicle. For e-motorists, it is the inner values of the QUANT 48VOLT - the combination of powerful low-voltage motors and flow cell battery architecture - that are redefining the ultimate in understatement (not only) in the super sports car class.

The 560 kW output of the nanoFlowcell 48VOLT low-voltage drive in the QUANT 48VOLT is generated 100-percent electrically. But not only that - the nanoFlowcell 48VOLT low-voltage drive is the lightest, safest, most environmentally compatible and economical powertrain system currently driving electric mobility.